Activity of the Week

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To answer the questions below, please check out the activities below:

  1. Food Chain Reaction -A lot of people don't realize just how much the survival of each plant and animal affects the balance of a food web.  Play this game to learn more.

  2. How Wolves Change Rivers -In 1995, the US Fish and Wildlife services reintroduced wolves back into Yellowstone National Park.  This fascinating short film explores how the reintroduction of wolves has had a far-reaching impact, not just on the entire ecosystem of Yellowstone, but even on the land and rivers themselves.

Here's a 3rd activity on Food Webs that's a bit more challenging:

Fun with Food Webs -See if you can put all of the plants and animals in the correct spots for three different types of food webs- meadow, arctic, & pond habitats.

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