Activity of the Week

If you don't have flash on your computer, you must download it first. You can do that here.

Classifying Living Things -In this activity, you will see a large grid of green square tiles.  Each tile will have a different plant or animal on it.  See if you click on the correct tiles that belong to the category shown in each round of the game.  When you think that you have clicked on all of the correct tiles, then click the "GO" button on the bottom of the screen.  You will then find out if you got them all correct.  BE SURE TO PLAY THIS ACTIVITY MORE THAN ONCE!!!  When you find out your final score, be sure to click the "Play Again" button for more fun.

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You can find the answers to the extra credit questions below, by playing this activity several times!

When you click "Submit," the box above will turn white.
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Do not send me your answers unless you play the activity! (In other words don't make up your own answers- they'll be wrong!) You can play the activity here: Classifying Living Things