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         Are you having trouble finding a science fair project??

This year, do it the easy way... through the Internet!

Check it out!!!

Here are some great science fair web sites
to get you started:

Mr. Nolde’s Science Fair Display Ideas Page

Due to limited space, students will need to stand BEHIND their projects.  Here are some creative ways of doing this, while still using a science fair board.

Free Science Fair Projects
( -Not only does this site contain a lot of great science fair project ideas, but it also does a great job in organizing them by grade level.

All Science Fair Projects
( -
This site is just jam-packed full of fascinating science fair project ideas.  I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find an interesting idea on this site. Science Fair Project Ideas
( -There's lots of great science fair project ideas to check out on this site.  What I like about this site, is that you can filter your results either by subject area or by grade level. 

The Kid's Online Resources
( -There are a ton of great resources on this site.  In fact, there are so many, that I've included some of them on my second science fair help page!

Here is another page that is just packed with links to great science fair sites!


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