Before trying any of these experiments, you must have "Shockwave" and "Flash" on your computer.

If you don't have them, you can download both of them for free by clicking here:

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Here are Mr. Nolde's top ten activities for the summer:

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits -This is a great website that lets you explore how & why electrical circuits work.  This guide has five sections.  Use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to jump to each section.  Click on the "?" to learn more about each section, and be sure to play the activity that is found in each section as well.

Power Up! -This activity comes from my Going Green Page.  Your mission in this activity is to provide enough power for your city without running out of money or making too damaging an impact on our environment.  BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE "?" in the upper left hand corner of the screen to learn more about how to play!  What might surprise you  in this activity, is that ALL power plants have a negative impact on our environment.  It's just that some power plants have more of a negative impact on our environment than others.  The most interesting thing that I learned from playing this activity, is that it is a difficult job as a city planner to keep spending costs in mind while still trying to do what's ultimately best for the health of our planet.

Shape It Up! -This year in 4th grade, we explored how the Grand Canyon was formed by the powerfully eroding force of water.  This activity explores how wind, water, volcanoes, and glaciers have an impact on the shape of our land over time. Be sure to play this game more than once!  Although, you might get the same landform with the same erosional force, it might be showing you a different length of time!

Virtual Stream Table Experiments -During the last few weeks of school, my 4tth grade classes got a chance to work with stream table experiments, carefully examining how the slope of the streamtable effected the rate and extent of the erosion.  This site allows you to design your very own stream table experiments!

Slush Rush! -How good are you at making slushies?? p; Better yet, how good a salesperson are you?  Do you have what it takes to run a profitable slushie stand in outer space?  In this game, you are in charge of an outer space slush stand and thirsty alien customers are on their way.  Be sure to click on each alien to learn about what ingredients they like in their slushies.  See if you can make the correct business decisions in order to run a profitable alien slushie stand!

The Great Balloon Race -When we studied matter in 3rd grade, we learned that less dense matter tends to float, while more dense matter tends to sink.  When we studied weather in 5th grade, we learned that hotter air is less dense than colder air.  That's why a hot air balloon rises, once the air in the balloon gets hot enough.  See how good your air balloon flying skills are in this activity.  See if you can beat my personal best score of 2:00 minutes for the "easy" race!

Line Rider -See if you can carefully design a sledding track that will allow our sledder to make a successful run down the track.  Be sure not to make your slope too steep!  Have fun and good luck!

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More Difficult Activities

Design a Dinosaur -I had a blast playing this activity!  See if you can construct a dinosaur with the proper body, head, tail, arms, & legs so that it can successfully find food and safely get back home.  When constructing your dinosaur, be sure to click on the HELP button to learn what all of the controls do!

Kinetic City Gravity Launch -See if you can successfully launch your sppace ship to dock in one or more stations in outer space.  To do so, you will have to go against the strong force of Earth's gravitational pull.  There are 2 controls that you will need to adjust in order to be successful: Thrust (the amount of power that blasts you off!) and the Angle at which you are launching.  See if you can adjust these 2 controls in order to successfully launch your space ship to its docking station!

Virtual Hip Replacement -As people are living healthy and ACTIVE lives to a much older age, we are discovering that certain moving parts of the human body tend to suffer from a good amount of wear and tear.  Fortunately, we now have the technology to replace some of these moving parts, such as our hip sockets.  This activity will give you a greater appreciation for what goes into this type of surgery.

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Did you finish all of these activities?  Still want to do more?  Check out Mr. Nolde's Going Green Page.

Have a great summer!