Careers in Earth Science!

Listed below are links to a number of short films that explore some of the many career opportunities that are available to you in the many facets of Earth Science:

Introduction to Careers in Science -Why study science?  What kinds of careers are available in the field of science.  This film clip gives a good introduction as to why studying science is important!

Become a Geologist -This film clip does a good job of giving you a quick overview of the MANY different facets of becoming a geologist.

Soil Scientist-Who knew just how important being a soil scientist was to our production of food?  Click on the link above to learn more.

Careers in Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources -With so many people to feed in this country and all over the world, agriculture is BIG business!  With the help of scientists, we are able to increase our crop production and feed more people.

Becoming an Astronaut -Wouldn't it be great to be able to travel into space?  Exactly what does it take to be an astronaut?  Just how much schooling is involved?  You just might be surprised!  Click here to learn more!

Careers in Environmental Science -Taking care of our delicate planet is more important than ever!  This film clip gives you a good overview of the tasks of an environmental scientist.

Careers in Mining Engineering -We extract so many valuable raw materials from the depths of the earth.  This film clip gives you an exciting preview as to what it might be like to pursue a career as a mining engineer.


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